26 July 2011

Mean Girls

I love Mean Girls, the movie, but not real life Mean Girls.

What is this post about?

Well, it's about my mum, actually. I've come to realise that she's a late in life mean girl. There are the snide remarks about my step-fathers oldest child (who isn't my blood sister), then there is the pettiness that goes on throughout the day with my sisters and I, then there is the sheer fact that she always, and I mean fucking always, thinks she's right, even when she jumps into a conversation that has absolutely nothing to do with her and she puts her two cents in.

Honestly, it's all getting on my nerves and reminds me of why I left this house for 5 years in the first place......to get away from it all, and to make matters worse, her intensity as a mean girl is getting worse and worse the further she delves into her menopause stage.....I could bear with it, but I refuse.

Why couldn't she just be a late in life lesbian instead and save us all some heart ache?


  1. Ava I will slap you. LMAO then again I'm sure she'd probably be a lot happier as a lesbian rather a mean girl.

  2. I know how you feel!! I swear my mom goes through PMS like every other week!! I hate it and all I can do is bite my tongue and bare with it.