05 July 2011

My Thoughts on the Casey Anthony Case

I have been following this case since I heard about it from Nancy Grace a year or so ago. I have looked at the evidence, I have looked at Casey Anthony and how she conducted herself when interviewed, with and without her parents present, and it just doesn't add up.

She's guilty of what has happened to her daughter.

I don't study law, but I do dabble in it from time to time, and I can say that the prosecution was spot on, give or take a few errors. The defense attorney was horrible, however, and I, when watching the case, just knew she was going to be found guilty of all charges. No, she was found guilty of one charge, I believe (I had to turn the telly off at one point, I couldn't take it anymore) and that was for falsifying information.

My thought process is, you clearly see that the evidence is piling up, and against her. Her daughter was found in her car, so was chloroform, and she googled how to kill someone. Let's not forget the fact that she didn't say anything about poor Caylee's disappearance until her mother called to check in on them, 31 days later, yet, she was still found NOT GUILTY?!

How can that be?

Not to mention the fact that, instead of holding her head in some type of shame, because she knows she did it, she's smiling for the cameras. Yes, you can be excited that you JUST GOT AWAY WITH MURDER and all, but why not look remorseful that you will NEVER SEE YOUR DAUGHTER EVER AGAIN? Oh wait, she won't look remorseful because, well, she got away with it. Her daughter is no longer apart of her life,and that's what she really wanted, correct? She doesn't care that Caylee is long gone, she cares about herself, and that reminds me of a sociopath, and that is not a good thing.

She's a horrid person, and I say, since she has been proven innocent,to sterilize her, to further prevent that we would ever have to see her horrid ass on trail again.

Even though Caylee got no justice, thanks to the great legal system of Florida, Caylee will get street justice....that's how it always works when the criminal gets off.

I have never said this before, and I hope that this is the last time I will ever have to say this about another person or their character, but I hate Casey Anthony. I hate the fact that she got off, I hate the fact that she was talking about how much she loved her father and how much he's been their for her, but then turns around in court and says that he molested her, I hate the fact that she is showing no remorse, none whatsoever in the fact that her daughter is now dead, I hate her being.

Karma is a true bitch when it wants to be, and she'll get her comeuppance.

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  1. I haven't been watching this case because it's so grueling and I really expected her to be found guilty...

    But you mean to tell me she wasn't? Well then let me go murder one of my haters right quick since it's that easy then! SMH at the judicial system.