08 October 2011

My interest are well....interesting

So, I've been tagged! Thanks Jeema! So, I'm to give you 7 random facts of my life....let's get started!

1. I'm a Scorpio, I think that we are the best--not only in term of the zodiac, but also in terms of astronomy as well (which is a hidden passion of mine). I've studied Scorpios and their habits (which means that I do believe in astrology if you haven't picked that up yet), and I'm always left with wanting to know more about it.

2. I can speak a number of languages, but a lot of people don't know that. Other than my native tongue, which is English, my second language is French, my third is Spanish, my fourth is Arabic and my fifth is Portuguese. I don't get to use Arabic and Portuguese as much, so I'm kinda rusty when it comes to speaking the languages.

3. My last name is the same last name as Harry Potter, and I can't help but feel proud because of it! Yes, it was a struggle growing up because people are so unoriginal in their insults when it comes down to my last name, but I wouldn't have it any other way! I love it, and if and when I get married, I don't want to take my significant others name.....I want to keep the Potter line going.

4. I have 5 sisters and 1 brother. It's difficult, because they come from different fathers or the same father....let's see if you can follow. My mum had 4 daughters, my step father has 3 daughters (2 of the 4 of my mum's), my biological father has 3 daughters and 1 son (2 of the 4 of my mum's)...it all adds up...if you can follow my logic anyway.

5. I'm seriously thinking about becoming an expatriate of the US because I can't stand the way the government is corrupting people and the way the economy is heading. It's all for shite now, in my most humble opinion. I've been researching other countries political and economical shifts, and they are more appealing by the day.

6. When I'm going through something, my hair reflects my mood...always. When I'm having a bad day, I wash my hair. When I'm having a good day, my hair is away from my face and sitting in a bun, when I'm having conflicting emotions, my hair is down, and usually in my face. Oh, by the way, I have natural kinky hair....so....try to picture it in your mind.

7. I like to watch foreign films (Mostly French) and documents....honestly, they are some of my favourite films. Such as 'Life is Beautiful' ,'L'Esquive', 'Le Papillon' (Just to name a few).

So, there you have it....some of me in a very minuscule nutshell. Hope you like it!