15 July 2011

I'm drained!

I have had so much life altering things going on in my life.......it boggles the mind!
My step-dad got put on hospice care for the week to see if they can reverse his anxiety about sleeping at night, so that means that my mum and I should have very little trouble finding sleep, n'est pas?


Here it is, 2h13 EST, and I am wide the fuck awake. Yay me -__-.
Why can't I sleep?
Maybe it's because of the ups and downs of the past week.
I've had my share of excitement on both ends of the spectrum, and I only want to keep one end of that spectrum up and running because it's something beyond fantastic, if I do say so.

Sigh. This post was clearly a ramble to get my thoughts down a bit, maybe to try to calm my mind.....too bad my mind isn't calm yet.

Oh, and they want to teach gay history in Calif. schools. Yay! But let's see how this goes over with the residents first....(this is another blog for another day, clearly).

Goodnight/Good morning/Good afternoon!

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