25 July 2011


This past weekend was physically and mentally exhausting. It was as if I went mind travelling and never returned!

Well, the 23 marked a happy, but tragic day. My nephew turned 5 and thinks he's now grown enough to make his own brekkie and pudding.....as if. It also marked the day that the great, amazing Amy Winehouse passed. (My mate told me this, and I'm still upset about it). My mum was all like "get over it, you didn't even know her and it was her fault that this ocurred anyway..." When I tell you her head was about to roll................I digress.

Here is one of my many favourite Amy Winehouse song and video

Now, we manoeuvre over to Sunday. Nothing really occurred except the fact that I had to get away from my mum for a few because she was taking my emotions to new places that I rarely allow them to travel. So, to the farmer's market my sister and I went, to get some Frooties and some great pizza (which is still amazing to me, because I rarely eat pizza). Then back home.....dreading, just fucking dreading it because her menopause is making her even more moodier than before. The day creeps on slowly, so fucking slowly that I want to blow my brains out, but then I remembered that I don't have time to die at the moment, too much to accomplish in life and too many things I've yet to see.

Monday comes to a deafening roll, and nothing seems to be going right, my nephew thinks it's a good thing to use me as a punching bag, me, a young woman who can barely hold down food these days and am losing weight like a freightened chicken, and my mum is always needing me to do something in the house to help my sick step-father (as if she doesn't have any more children in the house), and I'm ready to keel the fuck over, like seriously. I want to become a recluse but in this damned house, that's impossible. Why can't I have a Room of Requirement in my house like they do at Hogwarts?! *le sigh*

Hopefully Tuesday jusqu'a (see that French, it means through, or to) Sunday gives me peace and serenity.....

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