03 July 2011

Am I any less of a woman?

I realized that I have never had the pleasure of tell you all about my feelings of masculinity and femininity.

As we all know, when one thinks of masculinity, one thinks of a man with big, brooding muscles and a sense of responsibility and humour that makes you masculine.

Usually, also, when one thinks of femininity, one thinks of frilly, lush outfits and hair that hangs with the right precision. Add in the personality that a woman should have, and well, there you go, femininity.

Well, what about having a good balance of both?

I believe that every person should have a good balance of both, give or take a few lost/gained points in each category.

Am I less of a woman because I enjoy a Corona or whiskey every once in a while?
Am I less of a woman because weed may/may not entice me?
Am I more of a man because I love to mow the lawn?
Am I more of a man because I can fix rotors on a car and do various fix em up jobs around the house?

If anything, I am more of a hands on person, more of a human.

Does my vast knowledge of womanism/feminism make me more of a woman?
Does my wardrobe make me less of a man, what, with the frilly dresses and skirts?

You see, this is why ones femininity/masculinity cannot be defined, nor placed. It's not that simple or easy to try, either.

You cannot define my femininity, and I dare you to try.


  1. I minored in Women and Gender Studies in college. I could have a whole blog about this topic right here. I won't even start because I'll be going for days. SMH. Good post.

  2. I have taken some classes on the issues,and have sat in on classes (you know, the ones you can't get in but your friends are in there, so it's an automatic, I'm going to sit in there with you, type of class), and I'm so sick of people automatically defining woman with kitchen and male with easy chair. It's sickening. And thanks lovely lady!