01 August 2011


I love tea.

A nice cuppa is all I need to keep me interested during the day, but at times, my mum thinks I go overboard. (She often tells me I need to go live in England, that's how much I love it)
I have to have it with brekkie, in between lunch, for lunch, in between dinner, for dinner and one before I head off to bed. 6 cups of tea keeps my energy levels up during the day.

I drink tea, not only because it's good, but because it has plenty of health benefits.

Here are some benefits of tea:
Oolong tea helps with aging (If you're as vain as I am about aging and such)
Green tea is full of antioxidants that protect against heart disease and cancer(Black tea fights against cancer as well). It can also help fight allergies and arthritis.
If you drink up to 5 cuppas a day, it can help lower cholesterol (But you must also have a good diet with it as well).
Green tea also aids in weight loss.
White tea has more qualities that help fight cancer as opposed to green tea and black tea.

The best kind of tea is loose leaf tea, because there are more antioxidants than bag tea.

Green tea is actually my favourite type of tea. It can be infused with Jasmine, lavender, citrus....it's just yummy! I've tried tea from all over, but not everyone can make a good cuppa. (Trust me, I've endured some nasty shit).

This one time, when I wanted some Earl Grey Milk Tea, my friend made me some. Only thing is, instead of soy milk (lactose intolerant over here), she used whole milk and added sugar. SUGAR! Sugar diminishes the flavour of tea, and it taste like I'm drinking hot arse! Disgusting. I believe that the best thing to go with tea is honey...honey...HONEY!

Sure, there are other types of tea, such as pomegranate, chamomile mango, peppermint, detoxing teas, pms tea, black raspberry tea, fruit tea, you name it, they have probably created.

Tea......what a wondrous drink! (Except for Mexican Hot chocolate of course!)

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