26 November 2010

Hello Everyone

I hope that everyone had a happy thanksgiving...mines sucked....

Let me give you the run down...it goes from mild..bad..to fcuk it all!

1. Woke up late for my 1st day of work...by an hour because I was up all night cooking...but that's ok, because the manager clocked us in for the right time.

2. Got let go early because they couldn't afford to keep me working today, cool...

3. Driving my friends car back, the tire goes flat. I pull over, a lady makes a u-turn to help me. I had to use her phone because right now I don't have one. My friend calls her phone back and the lady told her that I hit her car, I was hysterical....mind you, see made a u-turn to make sure that I was ok...I was parked when she got to me.

4. I get news that an old friend of mine from secondary school was killed last night when a drunk driver hit his car with 3 other friends head on.

All I can say right now...I am grateful for life, even if it sucks a lot of the time for me.

I'm mad that he died....he was so likeable and loveable, and what, because a person decides to get in his/her car and drive the wrong way down the street? C'mon! All I can say is R.I.P.

17 November 2010

It's my Birthday!!!

Well...the 18th is...but since I don't know when I will be able to get on tomorrow, I decided that I would make this post right now!

I will be 22 y/o tomorrow, and that means one thing....I'm getting olde! I'm going to have to break out the anti-wrinkle cream!

(If you can't tell by now...I'm really vain about my age...watch, as soon as I turn 25, I'm going to start telling people that I'm 20).


YAY FOR ME! (and everyone else who has a birthday on the 18th).

20 October 2010

20 Oct. 2010

I support today's cause.
It's the 20 Oct. 2010, and purple is my colour of choice to help end LGBT bullying world wide.

13 October 2010

Quick Post

I am all paid off for the semester!!! YAY!

That means filling out graduation applications, GRE studying to do, Grad school/post programme applications to fill out, REFUND CHECK, a new phone, and some more hair supplies for my natural, kinky, coily hair!!!!! I haz excitment!

I am content.

24 July 2010

Return of the Ex...

Once upon a time ago, I dated this guy....I thought I liked him, but no. Anyway, I knew it was dead end, so I ended it. We lasted for 2wks.

So, today, he comes to my house...drunk and high. He's ranting and raving talking about how he just got out of jail, yada, yada, yada...So, he's talking to my sister, cousin, mum and I, cussing in front of her and the babies in the room. He's talking about how he needs a ride to his car so he can go somewhere...so I take him, just to get him out of my house.

So, while driving...he throws up. I stop the car and let him go at it...for like 5 minutes. He composes himself...a little bit, and he keeps saying that he needs some condoms.... I buy them for him because he is incoherent and ignorant at the time. We go back to the car...all the while trying to grope me from behind and try to let me get him to...ahem "eat my box."

Now, I'm fuming. I'm pissed that I even drove him anywhere...but my nice ass can't say no to anyone, so I'm stuck being a chauffeur to someone that I haven't seen in 5yrs.

I checked him into the hotel, because clearly he can't drive. He is still groping me and making me upset..the clerk saw this, and gave him the room at a discount and helped me to get him up the stairs. I get him in the room, turn on his lights, make sure he has all of the amenities and I make a clean break!

This has been an interesting and upsetting night. A little excitement...a little less fun than the night that I had to climb my drunk ass over my fence and break into the back door (another story for another day).

I just feel like he treated me like a piece of meat...I haven't been treated like that in a long time, and I was upset. So, I went across the street to ask an old friend about him...and apparently he has a mental condition, so now I feel all bad that I was cursing him out and talking about him...but I'm still upset...I'm so fucking discombobulated in my thoughts right now that I don't know how I should feel.


15 July 2010

Days Inn

Is the place I am residing as of now...with the girlchild niece and mother-sister. I don't want to be here, because I don't like to be uncomfortable, but I'm going to have to like it for now...

On the Brighter side of life, I went swimming!!!! I haven't been swimming all summer, and was just waiting to break out my bating suit...although It was a one piece..... (I'm trying to get to two piece level by next summer holiday).

No more musings for now....

14 July 2010

The Basement

Things just went from bad, to worse.

Thanks to torrential rains in my area, our basement, and others in our neighbourhood, are now flooded...It didn't even matter that the electricity was just turned on, we had to evacuate the area. So, I caught the bus with nephew boychild and sistermom to the library, which is where I reside until my mum comes to pick us up to take me for my new glasses and to the hotel. For the next two days!

More rants and raves after this unfortunate commercial break.

12 July 2010

Electricity pt.2

I never made it to Best Western...I made it to Lowes with my mum and bought this huge latern thing for light...I love it! It lights up 2 rms. easy. I am roughing it for the night. The nephew boychild has been sent to his fathers while sister mother goes to stay with her bf.

My other sister was out as soon as the notice came that the electricity was going off, opting to stay with her fiancee/baby father.

I decided to stay with my mum, only b/c she would go all wildebeest if she had to stay in the house alone with the person who "forgot" to pay the bill in the first place....

So, to sleep I go! (cause really, there is nothing better to do)


I bet you looked at the title and thought "Oh, this is going to be one interesting read...something about another girl who brought out this electric shock in you." Well, you'd be wrong!

The electric man came to the house today, said the electric was getting turned off...I was like WTF, we're on a payment plan in this house...I know that we just paid it. Then he says that the payment must be paid in cash...no check, no nothing. Now, I've never heard of anything like that...payment in all cash...*oh, Mon Dieu* So, me and the nephew boychild are going to get a hotel room with sister and mum...don't know what the step-father will do, since he's the one that pays the electric bill...someone's been slacking! I'm not trying to put him in a bad light, but...it is his responsibility, just saying. Hopefully, this can get straightened out today and everything will be fine...if not, Best Western is looking really good.

11 July 2010

Sister Speaks, I listen and Think

So, I'm sitting here with my youngest sister, and she's asking me what I find attractive in a man...I told her I don't know, because I've never been intimate with a man, dated a man...I just don't know.

Then she says that I am weird...so I told her that I would experiment with both guys and girls just to appease her...she told me that was something that a "dignified" 21 yr old did not do! I told her that I am still young, and if I want to "sow my wild oats" I will dammit!

I think that she slightly lost some respect for me though. I don't care...the people in this house know nothing about my life...my friends know me better than all of my sisters and family members, so that is saying something. Or, it could be the fact that my life is mine and I enjoy keeping it private.

Oh well, more musings tomorrow.

Musings of my Life

I am sick and tired of it right now...the empty thank you's, broken promises..*le sigh* all of it!
I am the most positive person I know (aside from one of my best friends in the world), and what does my family do to me during my summer holiday from school? They rub it in my face at the fact that I can't obtain a job (well, that's cause I'm here only for the summer, I mean really, who in their right mind would hire me), leave to go to work and leave the children here, assuming I would want to watch them, knowing that I am taking an online summer class, and because of their antics, I am now 2 wks behind on homework and test and give me a measly pittance, but no thank you's or anything like that. *le sigh*

I'm just tired of being taken advantage of. I've always been rather introverted my whole life and it's hard for me to voice my opinion to my family without one of them going ballistic!

My life, to me, is just sad! LOL...I just want to go back to school and leave family life behind! One more month and I can be ME again! OH, how I'll LOVE it!