27 August 2011

Of Hurricanes and sleeping charms

So, seeing as how I am living on the bloody East Coast for the time being........we are getting sloshed with natural disasters.

In a few hours, a hurricane is supposed to make its way towards my neck of the woods and do whatever it pleases. I'm just happy that it's not going to be in the 3-5 category range, just within the 1-2 range.

Seeing as how I have also lived along the Gulf Coast, I think that I am mentally more prepared for said hurricane than others....which does give me a one up.

However, this state of paranoia that people are in, is vexing me so. The most we are going to get in my town will be heavy rains and wind, and the further up the hurricane travels, it will become a tropical storm, therefore, there really isn't need for worry, as we've had tropical storms before....but wait....this is the East Coast of America.....and sometimes, Americans panic about even the most mundane thing, so maybe, they are justified....maybe.

I, however, am just annoyed. My bloody birthgiver woke me up at 7 in the bleeding morning, talking about we have to man the grill, as in, move it under the patio. First off, I don't like people waking me up. If I don't come to naturally, my wrath is surely something people don't want to deal with. Second, we didn't even do what she planned, no, in all of her ratched glory, she had me wrap an extension cord around the grill and secure it so that the propane doesn't go to spoils.....instead of just putting it in the shed.

Then, she's like, well, since you 're up, clean the house......the fuck?! I wish she would just sod off right now, because not only am I completely knackered, I'm highly annoyed at her. In all of her paranoia, she forgot a lot of shit on her list of "to get for hurricane," and wants me to get it. That's a big not going to happen, not now, not ever. I kept having flashbacks to the time she made me go and get her some damn chicken and vodka (I swear, she can be so bloody ratched at times), and she knew a hail storm was coming, and I got trapped in that shit.....it lasted soooo long, and then she had the nerve to be mad because her food was cold....-__- So, like I stated....she wants something, she shall be getting it herself, because other than for meals, I shan't be leaving my room....


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