23 August 2011

Natural Disasters

So, the East Coast got hit with an Earthquake today.....shocking, I know.

It scared me a bit, because we are more than ill equipped for the likes of a fucking earthquake!

When I saw the table and myself shaking, I thought it was a divine spirit or some shit, but nope, when the china closet and the pots hanging above the sink started to shake, all hell broke out in my mind! I just knew it was an earthquake!

I walked outside, towel on my head, half of my locs braided and the other half in a sloppy ponytail, and others confirmed my suspicions......

Apparently, it started in Virginia, 5.8 to be exact. People from South Carolina-Massachusetts felt it, and as far west as Ohio felt it.

Scary, huh?

There are supposed to be after shocks too.......Let's see how I deal with all of that!

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  1. Noona!!!! My mom and I were talking about the earthquake tonight. She called my aunt and uncle in Youngstown, Oh and they said that they didn't feel anything. I saw some comments on CNN about Ohioians feeling the quake so I just think that my aunt and uncle didn't know what to feel for.