13 August 2011

When Things Fall by the Wayside

As you all know, my step-father departed life on Tuesday of this week. I have accepted that he was going to depart from his life soon a long time ago. Others.....not so much.

People having been yelling.....let's be more specific...they have been yelling at me. What did I do? I have done nothing. When my mum ask for things, I'll do them, but she has no shame in yelling at me. Honestly? She really needs to bugger off! She makes it seem like I wasn't there for her the whole time and I'm not mourning.

I am mourning. just in my own way, and I would greatly appreciate it if she would understand that.

Not to mention, my sister ain't shit. They are prats, pricks, arseholes, motherfuckers....whatever derogatory word you can think of, that is what they are in my book at the moment.

Not only are they so consumed with their lives to pull it together and get along, they blame me for everything as well. Like, what the fuck?

Things are going to be rough for us all for the next couple of months, and instead of seeing that, and trying to get it together, bitches want to bitch and moan, as if we are doing this for shits and giggles.

Shit is real, and they need to realise that.

Ok....that just helped me blow off some serious steam! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Oh darling, I'm sorry that things are going so poorly. It is unfortunate that your mom and sisters are behaving so unbecoming. Hold on and stay strong.