11 July 2010

Sister Speaks, I listen and Think

So, I'm sitting here with my youngest sister, and she's asking me what I find attractive in a man...I told her I don't know, because I've never been intimate with a man, dated a man...I just don't know.

Then she says that I am weird...so I told her that I would experiment with both guys and girls just to appease her...she told me that was something that a "dignified" 21 yr old did not do! I told her that I am still young, and if I want to "sow my wild oats" I will dammit!

I think that she slightly lost some respect for me though. I don't care...the people in this house know nothing about my life...my friends know me better than all of my sisters and family members, so that is saying something. Or, it could be the fact that my life is mine and I enjoy keeping it private.

Oh well, more musings tomorrow.

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