24 July 2010

Return of the Ex...

Once upon a time ago, I dated this guy....I thought I liked him, but no. Anyway, I knew it was dead end, so I ended it. We lasted for 2wks.

So, today, he comes to my house...drunk and high. He's ranting and raving talking about how he just got out of jail, yada, yada, yada...So, he's talking to my sister, cousin, mum and I, cussing in front of her and the babies in the room. He's talking about how he needs a ride to his car so he can go somewhere...so I take him, just to get him out of my house.

So, while driving...he throws up. I stop the car and let him go at it...for like 5 minutes. He composes himself...a little bit, and he keeps saying that he needs some condoms.... I buy them for him because he is incoherent and ignorant at the time. We go back to the car...all the while trying to grope me from behind and try to let me get him to...ahem "eat my box."

Now, I'm fuming. I'm pissed that I even drove him anywhere...but my nice ass can't say no to anyone, so I'm stuck being a chauffeur to someone that I haven't seen in 5yrs.

I checked him into the hotel, because clearly he can't drive. He is still groping me and making me upset..the clerk saw this, and gave him the room at a discount and helped me to get him up the stairs. I get him in the room, turn on his lights, make sure he has all of the amenities and I make a clean break!

This has been an interesting and upsetting night. A little excitement...a little less fun than the night that I had to climb my drunk ass over my fence and break into the back door (another story for another day).

I just feel like he treated me like a piece of meat...I haven't been treated like that in a long time, and I was upset. So, I went across the street to ask an old friend about him...and apparently he has a mental condition, so now I feel all bad that I was cursing him out and talking about him...but I'm still upset...I'm so fucking discombobulated in my thoughts right now that I don't know how I should feel.


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