15 July 2010

Days Inn

Is the place I am residing as of now...with the girlchild niece and mother-sister. I don't want to be here, because I don't like to be uncomfortable, but I'm going to have to like it for now...

On the Brighter side of life, I went swimming!!!! I haven't been swimming all summer, and was just waiting to break out my bating suit...although It was a one piece..... (I'm trying to get to two piece level by next summer holiday).

No more musings for now....

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  1. Um, Hi!

    Your blog is cute! I saw one of your comments on card carrying lesbian, and followed the link on your name. I have a new-ish blog too, and I love when people comment on mine, so I thought I'd make your day :D

    -your equally queer new friend, Momo