12 July 2010


I bet you looked at the title and thought "Oh, this is going to be one interesting read...something about another girl who brought out this electric shock in you." Well, you'd be wrong!

The electric man came to the house today, said the electric was getting turned off...I was like WTF, we're on a payment plan in this house...I know that we just paid it. Then he says that the payment must be paid in cash...no check, no nothing. Now, I've never heard of anything like that...payment in all cash...*oh, Mon Dieu* So, me and the nephew boychild are going to get a hotel room with sister and mum...don't know what the step-father will do, since he's the one that pays the electric bill...someone's been slacking! I'm not trying to put him in a bad light, but...it is his responsibility, just saying. Hopefully, this can get straightened out today and everything will be fine...if not, Best Western is looking really good.

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