11 July 2010

Musings of my Life

I am sick and tired of it right now...the empty thank you's, broken promises..*le sigh* all of it!
I am the most positive person I know (aside from one of my best friends in the world), and what does my family do to me during my summer holiday from school? They rub it in my face at the fact that I can't obtain a job (well, that's cause I'm here only for the summer, I mean really, who in their right mind would hire me), leave to go to work and leave the children here, assuming I would want to watch them, knowing that I am taking an online summer class, and because of their antics, I am now 2 wks behind on homework and test and give me a measly pittance, but no thank you's or anything like that. *le sigh*

I'm just tired of being taken advantage of. I've always been rather introverted my whole life and it's hard for me to voice my opinion to my family without one of them going ballistic!

My life, to me, is just sad! LOL...I just want to go back to school and leave family life behind! One more month and I can be ME again! OH, how I'll LOVE it!

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