23 June 2011


I'm in pain.
Extreme pain.

My period makes it so I am at least crippled for a good couple of days. It makes it so I don't enjoy the existence of others. To be honest, I don't enjoy the existence of others when my period is on.

Indeed, I want to be a recluse, only dwelling in my mind and never having to step out into the sunlight to see the bright, cheery faces of others. They make me sick.

If it weren't for these damned glasses that I've been wearing since grade 2 in primary school, it would be shades until the end of the period, but no....it's these damned glasses.

Let me back up here.
Why do I hate my period so much? You know, the little darling that lets me know that it is possible for me to give life to another?

Well......I have what you may call "painful periods" (yes, it's a medical term). It's not endometriosis, although I'm sure that it could very well end up to be that some day.

Instead, I can't walk, I can't run, I can exercise, I can barely eat. I'm constantly doubled over in crippling pain that causes me to cry just about every time a sensation ripples through my body. I'm usually a blubbering mess with a side of bitch for the 7-10 days I'm on (yup, I'm always in it for the long haul)

So, when I'm on my period, I advise people to not be around me.
I have weird cravings, and when people don't feed into my cravings, I become belligerent, and no one likes a very cranky, crampy, belligerent Ava.

So, if I must have my ice cream (which I shouldn't be eating, with my lactose intolerant ass) with some pickles and chips sprinkled on it, give it to me, or beware my wrath!


  1. Things that helped me with my painful period (I'd be just like you, doubled over in pain, crying, vomiting, the whole 9 yards):

    drink a lot of water. I noticed my cramps decreased significantly when I upped my water intake.

    eat a lot of fruits the week before your period. I've always noticed that if I eat a lot of fruits right beforehand, the cramps are less. Don't know why, but they are.

    let go of the meats (unless they are 100% organic) the week before your period. Hormones in the meats we eat make it worse. Basically with these last two tips, I become a vegetarian the week before. Seriously.

    take a daily calcium supplement. Calcium helps to lessen cramps.

    when you're having the cramps, drink a soda if you can hold it down. Caffeine also helps to lessen cramps.

    The night before you know your period is due and you start feeling those "warning cramps," pop 3 Motrin, then get out your trusty heating pad and make use! Don't sleep on the benefits of having a heating pad! The heating pad is almost like my guaranteed "get out of cramps free" card

    If you feel ok enough, take a light walk. You may have to stop every few minutes to ride the wave of a cramp but I promise, it makes it better in the end.

    Massage your pelvic/lower abdomen area where your uterus is.

    Long post, I know. But this is YEARS of personal research, lol!

  2. I'm going to try these things....walks are usually out of the question though...I'm usually a crippled person during my periods.....lol

  3. They also say orgasming alleviates cramps...

    I have yet to try that one. *insert BHM confused smiley here*