26 June 2011

Gender Roles

I have a thing for gender roles.....

Rather, I a thing for dispelling gender roles, mainly because I don't believe in them.

I believe that if a little boys wants to play with an Easy Bake oven and a little girl wants to play with a Tonka truck filled to the brim with legos (something that my mum gave me as a child), then why not?

The real reason why I'm writing this blog is because of something that I have been observing lately. I have noticed that a certain someone in my life is raising her son to be a manly man....however, her son has a thing for a Barbie convertible that he told me was his "sexy boy" car, a kitchen set that is long since gone out to the pastures, princess dolls from a McD's happy meal and a thing for the colour purple.

I encourage him. He is a child, let his imagination take way into something great. She discourages it, telling him that football is the way to go and his favourite colour should be blue. (I guess it's because I'm so right brained and she's left brained....but that's a different topic for a different day.)

I want her and others to know that playing with a certain toy doesn't equate to being "gay." It just means, they are being themselves.

I have a friend who has a daughter who would rather wear jeans over a skirt and be comfy, but have hair like a "girl" (pigtails, bows, the works). At least she encourages her daughter to be and dress however she wants, and I vie for that when I do have children.

I want my future children to know that it's alright to be who they are, and I will never try to change them (Unless, of course, they go into a life of crime.....Ceiling Cat and my ever present baseball bat will be waiting to kick their ass.), I also want them to be comfortable with themselves, and never have to answer to anyone except whatever God or Deity they worship.

The above picture is oh so wrong.

Now, I can get with this picture.

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