26 November 2010

Hello Everyone

I hope that everyone had a happy thanksgiving...mines sucked....

Let me give you the run down...it goes from mild..bad..to fcuk it all!

1. Woke up late for my 1st day of work...by an hour because I was up all night cooking...but that's ok, because the manager clocked us in for the right time.

2. Got let go early because they couldn't afford to keep me working today, cool...

3. Driving my friends car back, the tire goes flat. I pull over, a lady makes a u-turn to help me. I had to use her phone because right now I don't have one. My friend calls her phone back and the lady told her that I hit her car, I was hysterical....mind you, see made a u-turn to make sure that I was ok...I was parked when she got to me.

4. I get news that an old friend of mine from secondary school was killed last night when a drunk driver hit his car with 3 other friends head on.

All I can say right now...I am grateful for life, even if it sucks a lot of the time for me.

I'm mad that he died....he was so likeable and loveable, and what, because a person decides to get in his/her car and drive the wrong way down the street? C'mon! All I can say is R.I.P.

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